1. Tickets may be sold and purchased in British Columbia only.
  2. Ticket purchasers must be 19 years of age or older. If a winning ticket bears a minor’s name, the prize will be lawfully delivered on behalf of the minor to the minor’s parent, legal guardian or trustee.
  3. The Music Lottery Bi-Weekly 50/50 Draw takes place under BC Gaming License #108481.
  4. For inquiries related to any ticket purchases please call 604-817-1526 or email


  • Total cash prize is half of the gross revenue from 50/50 ticket sales in a two week period, maximum prize of $50,000
  • 24,000 tickets are available: 12,000 at 1/$5 and 12,000 at 3/$10 


  1. Prizes & Odds - The Music Lottery 50/50 jackpot and odds of winning are different with every draw, so the prize amount depends on how many people are playing and the size of the prize pool. The more picks you buy for a draw, the more chances you have to win!
  2. Who Can Play - Music Lottery is a bi-weekly, offline raffle open to anyone in BC over the age of 19. Odds and jackpot for each draw depend on number of tickets sold.
  3. Where To Buy/How to Play - Music Lottery 50/50 tickets are sold through performance venues in British Columbia.  See the list HERE.
  4. How To Win - We only draw from tickets sold, so there’s always a winner. If you exactly match your pick to the Music Lottery 50/50 winning number, you win. The more picks you buy for a draw, the more chances you have to win!
  5. Where Does the Money Go? - 50% of the jackpot goes to the winner. 50% goes back into arts, culture and live music programming in BC through a variety of grants that support artist development and music production.

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