Welcome to Music Lottery

Who we are:

Penmar Community Arts Society is a National Arts Charity  that develops sustainable funding programs for arts and cultural communities in Canada.

In November 2018 we are launching Music Lottery, a BC based Lottery Program that supports venue operators and the artists that play in them.

How it works:

We are operating a bi-weekly Province wide 50/50 raffle where hard copy tickets are sold through performance venues and other community partners in British Columbia.    

Revenues from the sales of these tickets are allocated directly to your performance venue and used exclusively for paying talent fees.

Why are we doing this?

In a digital era where consumers spend money on experiences rather than physical goods, musicians now rely almost 100% on their touring revenue.  In addition to this, presenters and venue operators where these musicians play have faced the most serious increase in real estate, property tax values and declining liquor sales.  Venue operators are experiencing difficulties in paying minimum guarantees or sustainable wages for artists.

Music Lottery provides an ability for venue operators to help support these musicians and the venues they play in with micro grants.

What’s in it for you?

Revenue from every bi-weekly raffle is allocated as follows:

  • 50% of total revenues goes to one winner in BC
  • 25% of revenue is allocated to your venue
  • 25% is allocated to operating the raffle and includes marketing, administration and raffle materials.

Under the Music Lottery gaming license, our raffle jackpots can get as high as $50,000 bi-weekly, significantly higher than the average, internalized, local 50/50 draw.

We will operate your account as a micro-grant – providing payment to artists directly that you book in your venue.

 Regional Representation:

Music Lottery divides the province into regions based on neighborhoods, population, and quantity of venues.  A limited number of venues per region will benefit from ticket sales. There is opportunity for other businesses and groups to sell raffle tickets on your behalf in your region.

For example, in a city like Surrey, Cloverdale is considered one region; whereas, in a community like Hope, BC, there might only be one region.

What do you need to do?

You market the raffle tickets to patrons of your venue and other businesses and community groups that support you.  For each bi-weekly draw, we will send a package to you via Express Post that contains tickets, instructions, posters and other marketing collateral and return envelopes for sending back sold and unsold tickets.

Your bi-weekly draw package contains:

  • Tickets for you to sell.  There are two levels of tickets – 1 for $5 and 3 for $10.
  • Sales Summary Report for each raffle draw to be sent back to us via email or fax before each draw date.
  • Instructions for remitting revenue and accessing your venue account.  
  • Marketing collateral – posters and table cards for your venue.
  • Labelled envelopes for returning sold and unsold tickets.
  • Canada Post Express Pack envelopes for returning sold and unsold tickets.
  • A copy of the gaming license to display in your venue.

We will also provide digital collateral for you to advertise to your audience:

  • An email template to educate your audience about the raffle, the benefits and how they can play by purchasing tickets at your venue.
  • Graphics that can be used for you to advertise on social media and your website.

 How do you get started?

The next step for launching the Music Lottery 50/50 raffle in your establishment would be signing an agreement and delivery of your first package.

 Contacts:         David Geertz : 778-988-4755      Dione Costanzo : 604-817-1526

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