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Music Lottery's Story...

November 24th 2018, that’s when Penmar Community Arts Society officially announced the launch of Music Lottery, our very own community arts charity focused on bringing live music to underserved communities in BC. Our vision was inspired not only by a love of music and live performance, but a recognition of the financial problems facing artists and venue operators.

Why are we doing this?

In a digital era where consumers spend money on experiences rather than physical goods, musicians now rely almost 100% on their touring revenue. In addition to this, presenters and venue operators where these musicians play have faced the most serious increase in real estate, property tax values and declining liquor sales. Venue operators are experiencing difficulties in paying minimum guarantees or sustainable wages for artists.

These issues are what drive us, and why we’ve put so much energy into growing this arts charity. We aim to be a reliable resource for venue operators to help support musicians, and the venues themselves.


Working with our community.

We’ve gone through multiple evolutions in this journey, with help from our community based in the lower mainland of British Columbia. Partnering with Canada Summer Jobs Program we developed our branding with the help of Evelyn, a graphic design student who created our original logo seen above for our initial 2019 launch. Luckily, Evelyn supported our mission as much as we appreciated her visual artistry, and she came back to work with us during the summer of 2019 to develop a whole new and improved look for Music Lottery!

Pearl calling Bingo

Our Vision

While our vision always involved a unique way to raise funds for concert programming - our biweekly 50/50 raffle - we also tried out other avenues to raise the funds for our mini grants. In February, 2019, Music Lottery began weekly bingo nights at Star of the Sea in White Rock, BC. We used the revenue raised through this venture to bolster the grant funding we accrued through our raffle program. We met some incredibly sweet and passionate bingo goers in White Rock, many of whom we saw every week! We also connected with Pearl, who started out as our bingo caller and ended up working with us to grow our social media presence in the Summer of 2019.

"What we really liked was that we could provide a service to a group that wanted this form of entertainment and bring it back to White Rock, where it has been missed by the local community for years. It’s a perfect win win for both groups!"  ~ Dione Costanzo, Founder

Music Lottery today

After spending some memorable time putting on bingo nights at Star of the Sea, we decided the best way to achieve our goals as an arts charity would be to focus the efforts of our small and dedicated staff to our province wide raffle. Now, Music Lottery focuses on partnering with venues in our province to expand the reach of our grants and gain momentum with our raffle. We’ve made exciting advancements thus far, from sponsoring the stages of UpTown Live! in New Westminister and Summerset Festival in Fort Langley, to bringing various musicians to our communities through venues like The Dream Cafe in Penticton and Shannon Hall in Cloverdale.

Summerset festival

New website, new season.

This new website is yet another step towards our goal of bringing community concert programming to underserved communities across our province. We believe that this platform will enable us to further share our joy and excitement about the work we are doing - reviving the arts scene wherever we can by helping venue operators thrive, and providing funding for artists to bring their music to the audiences that deserve it!

From all of us here at Music Lottery, thank you for supporting live music. We draw a raffle winner every two weeks on Fridays, and you can order tickets easily through ‘Order Tickets’ on this website. 50% goes to the winner, and the other 50% goes to supporting live music in our community and the communities we partner with.

Until next time!


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